Friday, 13 June 2014

Australia - day one

I went on holiday to Gold Coast Australia.We went to Turtle Beach.Me and Kade got a pack of colouring and some lollies and a little activity set then we went to the pools and a spa.Our mum and dad couldn’t stand up in the pools.Then we went to the pools for a swim.There were three pools and a spa.Then we went back to the room to get ready for bed.The next day in the morning we went to The Deck for breakfast because we didn't have any.We had pancakes with ice cream.Jared didn't like the ice cream because it was too creamy.I couldn't eat all my pancakes so I gave them to dad to eat.Then we went back to the hotel.Then we got ready to go to Dreamworld.When we got there we had to get tickets to go to all the other theme parks.First me Dad and Jared went on the scariest ride out of all four theme parks called Tower of Terror. You go 161 kilometres per hour backwards and you stay on the tower for 7 seconds and go back down.So I think the whole roller-coaster goes for about 15 seconds. We went on the log flume. You sit in a log and float on water. You go up and then go down. Whatever goes up must come down. We did other water rides. We went to the bumper cars then after that we went to the Madagascar ride. Your feet dangle from the sky and you are in the air. That ride was relaxing. We then went to Whitewater World. We swam in the wave pool. We did the hydro slides. First we went on an orange and red one where you go down and then you go up. We went to the Little Rippers. You go into a big circle going around and around and then you go down a normal hydro slide. Our rides were done so we walked back over to the car and drove back to the hotel. After we got to the room we got into our togs so we could go swimming. After that we went back to the hotel and got ready for bed.

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