Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Day Two

We were going to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary today. When we got to the zoo we saw a person holding an eagle. After that we went on a train to take us to a different part of the zoo. We went to a stage where it had different shows on.The first show we saw was a sheep shearing show. After that me and Jared got to hold a snake. It was a poisonous snake but they drained the poison out of it. It felt like leather. We went to the kangaroos and there was a massive one with a joey thats a baby kangaroo. After that we went to the crocodile show. There were two crocodiles. One was called Lilly and the other one was called Boss Hog.There were people standing on a platform holding food on a big string. After waiting a while Lilly finally jumped and got the food. Then Boss Hog jumped up and he was massive. Then we went back to the start and I got to hold a koala.Then we went back to the hotel.When we got there we had enough time to have a swim but instead we went to the splash zone.We went on the little slides. Good night day two.

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