Friday, 27 June 2014

Sea World

Today we went to Sea World. When we got there we went to the sea lion show. The sea lions helped the police lady catch the robber. At the end of the show a pelican chased the lady in the robbers team. Then after that we went on the roller coaster called the Storm and at one stage you go down and in the water. You get very very wet especially when you’re at the back. We went to touch the star fish and the sea cucumbers, The star fish were spiky and the sea cucumbers were very slimy. After that we went under ground to see all the sea life. The first thing we saw was a shark just sitting by the window. The other animals we saw were tropical fish, turtle, sting rays, fishes with a pointy noise and we saw a massive shark in the background but we couldn’t see it we could only see the shadow.

We went to the Jet Rescue ride. It is a roller coaster ride in a jet ski. You start really fast and get faster. Next we went over to the sideshow games. The first game we did was throw the ball into the basket. Me, Jared and Kade didn’t get one in but dad did so the man doing the game gave me Jared and Kade toy snakes and a toy crocodile. Then we went to the game next to it. It was ring toss and you get a hat with all the rings in it. It was really really hard but mum got one and she won a prize and we got to keep the hat. Mum picked a giant toy dolphin. We went to the dolphin show after that and the dolphins were doing flips and twirling in the sky and when you wave to them they wave back at you and when you flick water at them they flick water back at you. They even threw the people up in the air. At the start the dolphins were pulling the boat.

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