Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Lighthouse by Luke

One freezing night with the moon glowing bright. The lighthouse was on top of the big tall hill. The light shone the yellow glowing beam from the light.When the light came around. There was an old grumpy and measurable man sat in the lighthouse all day writing letters to the people in the town to be quiet. So he slammed the window shut. Then suddenly the light went out. He got out of his chair and fell on the ground.He got up and quickly ran up the spiral stairs making a thumping noise. He finally got to the top then he looked inside the light. Then he saw a boat coming so he lifted up the light and tripped over his tool box and broke the light and made a big crash noise. He started to worry. He quickly ran down the spiral stairs when he got to the bottom. He opened the door and saw people from the town to see what was happening. They were all holding lanterns. They were trying to guide the boat away from the spiky rocks. The man was so happy that he wanted to thank the people from the town. They all stood on top of the lighthouse. The man started to cry because he was so happy.

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