Monday, 30 March 2015

Email Friends

To Mrs Heatherton

Christmas in Opunake New Zealand.

Thank you for letting us write to you about the differences between New Zealand and USA at Christmas time.

In New Zealand its summer time when its Christmas. It's really hot.

Every year we change the houses we go to. Sometimes we go to our cousins, uncles, aunties and ours.

For lunch we have hot cross buns, doughnut, cake, fish, chips and lollies/candy. What do you have for lunch?

We get Christmas trees from our farm we live on. Do you get Christmas trees of farms or do you buy them?

From Luke.


  1. Forwarded from email:
    Dear Luke,

             What we eat on Christmas is: Apple pie, squash, potatoes, zucchini, and turkey. We get christmas trees at the store. In New Zealand do you celebrate Easter? Where you live do you celebrate Saint Patricks day?

    Sincerely, Jason B

  2. fish i've never heard somebody eat fish for chrismas