Friday, 6 November 2015

Retell Calf And Lamb Day

On Thursday it was Calf and Lamb day. We stayed home in the morning because it didn't start until 11.45am. 

We had to pick up some other calves and lambs. Then we went into calf and lamb day. It was held at Opunake Primary School. 

My calf was a jersey and my brothers was a friesian. I named my calf DJ. It stands for Dotty Junior. Kade called his calf Shady. Then we had to clean them. 

I was getting nervous. It was nearly time to lead. My calf was getting angry. She kept bunting into me and stopping. She was getting really annoying. 

I had never had a Jersey calf at calf and lamb day. So that's different. As I watched the other calves lead I thought I wasn't going to do that well because everyone else was leading really really well. I was the second to last one to lead. I was leading pretty well I thought. 

Next was Dairy Type. We had to go around in a circle and the lady came around and checked every single calf. She also did the same for Rearing.

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